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I'M Silvia 
surreal and dreamer painter

I have always painted, but I haven’t always listened to my heart, I was a graphic deisigner and it took me

a long time to realize that I didn’t want to be (maybe I always knew it, but I did not always listen to myself).

Later, I did a lot of work to build my dream, passing through many experiences, each of which gave me something about life and feelings!


My passion was so strong that it had to go out, I always dreamed and looked at things with a pure feeling.

I started my artistic journey with the need to communicate the most delicate and sincere emotions,

in harmony with nature!


My painting is figurative and feminine, the ethereal and immobile bodies emanate an invisible, fluid energy that passes through the body and becomes confetti, light, leaf and silence, a harmonious intertwining in an exchange of souls, an inner search that describes the naturalness of feelings, in its deepest nuances!


I am happy that you are here, I am sure you will see the feeling and the light that comes from the soul of my

female figures and the beauty of nature that every day enters inside us!


No noise here!


All the feelings you feel on the skin

even with eyes closed

Le piante sulla finestra
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