Year 2019

Sentinella - ORIGINAL painting on skateboard

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    Sentinella is  a girl who guides elves, goblins and witches in the woods and in the dream of the night, do not worry, she protects and defends, she brings in joy, making your way in the dark night!


    I didn't buy new skate, I used to recover them used and lived by the skaters themselves!

    Then I stopped for many years, but today I wanted to take them back, these are just some of those that are still to be levigate!


    I had thought of recovering the used skate, because it seemed very nice to me, to make them relive in a completely transversal way, to give them a new identity made me happy, even more it excited me the fact that they had been used and had made a lot of jumps , lean on the feet of an adventurer of the ramp!


    So don't expect a perfect skate, of course, I select the best ones, but they are not new and some imperfections make them unique and inimitable, they have the true soul of a skater and a painter, they are two souls in one, who gave life to their great passion ... this thing is space for me, fantastic!



    Signed by the Artist.



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Silvia Pavarini Artist

Reggio Emilia


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