Marinaretta - ORIGINAL painting on skateboard

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    Marinaretta, is a ORIGINAL painting on SKATEBOARD. 

    Marinaretta is dressed in the sea and the morning sun, she is a young girl who listens to the sweet sound of the waves.


    I didn't buy new skate, I used to recover them used and lived by the skaters themselves!

    Then I stopped for many years, but today I wanted to take them back, these are just some of those that are still to be levigate!


    I had thought of recovering the used skate, because it seemed very nice to me, to make them relive in a completely transversal way, to give them a new identity made me happy, even more it excited me the fact that they had been used and had made a lot of jumps , lean on the feet of an adventurer of the ramp!


    So don't expect a perfect skate, of course, I select the best ones, but they are not new and some imperfections make them unique and inimitable, they have the true soul of a skater and a painter, they are two souls in one, who gave life to their great passion ... this thing is space for me, fantastic!



    Signed by the Artist.



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Silvia Pavarini Artist

Reggio Emilia


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